Day Eleven

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Mojo’s stitches are out! He still has to keep his “cone of shame” on for a few more days.  We went for a walk around the lake today and although it tuckered him out, it was like he never lost his leg.

People who met him commented on how amazed they were that his surgery just happened 11 days ago and were surprised at how well he was doing. They couldn’t believe their eyes when I told them how much of a recovery he has made in such a short time.

He’s sleeping much better and is able to rest on his “bad” side. The bruising from the surgery has completely vanished. He’s able to climb up into bed and up the stairs with no problems whatsoever. He has a little difficulty getting into the Jeep but the Ruff Wear Web Master Harness makes it much easier to get him in and out.

We need to finish the antibiotics but the vet couldn’t be more happier with his progress.

Good boy, Mojo…good boy!

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Day Ten

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Mojo is doing much better…his mobility is pretty much where I expected it. He’s running around like a champ. Today he is scheduled to get his stitches out, but somehow he’s been able to reach his wound area with his tongue and he’s been going to town when I’ve been asleep.

His appointment is at 2:00 today so hopefully he’ll be ok to have everything removed and he can start to resume normal function.

Day Five

Mojo had a better day today, although he did not want to move at all.  He was content with sleeping, however, he was pretty uncomfortable and decided to sleep while sitting up.  I felt bad for him, but it was pretty funny.

I tried neosporin and that seemed to help with his itching.  His appetite is normal and he’s still eliminating well.  It’s been a long road so far but things are looking up.

Day Four

Mojo is doing better today.  We went into the office and he was ok for the morning but really started feeling pain in the afternoon.  We had to head back home to finish up work there…and Mojo slept for the better part of the day.  It’s just that when he moves he’s in pain.  Right now he’s sitting upright staring at me.  It’s pretty taxing.  I just really wish he would pull through this faster.  He was really trying to get at his stitches today so I’m assuming that the nerve endings are starting to pull back.

He’s still taking his meds and aside from the pain he’s making great strides in his mobility.  Still not sleeping through the night, but hopefully we’ll get more as the week progresses.  I scheduled him to get his stitches out next Tuesday…so I’m anxiously waiting for that moment.

Go Mojo!

Day Three

Today’s been a good and bad day, which I’m sure you’ll have. Mojo finally eliminated solids this morning. I was lucky enough to be able to work from home (my workplace is awesome) and thank goodness because Mojo and I didn’t really sleep all that well. We were up at 2 a.m., 5 a.m., 6 a.m., and then 7 and 8. Fun stuff.

I was very happy his digestive system is working, however, he’s having some difficulty with pain today. Even though the medication has been administered I don’t think it’s having that much affect on him. It’s basically motrin for dogs. I’ve often wondered how to tell if Mojo is having pain. Well, he basically tries to bite his missing leg and then runs really fast over to me.

When he does this I simply lay him down and give him a lot of love. That seems to help. I tried a bag of ice to keep some of the swelling down but I think Mojo is just too sensitive in that area right now. He is sitting up more and basically stares at me from the couch. This is the old Mojo…and if you really know him, this is his normal behavior. He has not whimpered once (he whimpers if a butterfly lands on him)…so I’m getting ready for him to talk and finally tell me what’s on his mind.

Hugs all around to you all for reading and commenting and sending positive vibes.

Day Two

Have you ever hoped for something during a time of tragedy?  Have you ever expected the worst during a trial in your life…and hoped for the best, but preparing for the worst?  That’s Mojo.  He’s the hope and the triumph of spirits in the face of adversity.  That’s his definition…I think, ultimately, this is what will define him.

I’m having a hard time putting into words what this dog has accomplished in the short time.  He’s always been mild mannered and very gentle, so I imagined this would be difficult for him, I thought his recovery would be a great burden and he would be so incapacitated  and weak  that we wouldn’t be able to do much at all in the first 48 hours.  I couldn’t be more wrong.

He went up and down the stairs today.  What else can you say?  There wasn’t anything stopping him.  He simply got up and did what he had to do.  He has done it every moment so far.  A lot of folks have commented saying that he would surprise me.  They were right.  He’s not letting this hurt him.  Yes, I know he’s an animal and instinct drives him; but if you knew Mojo, you’d say that there is a bit more to this than just persevering.  I think he has knowledge of what is happening around him.  Mojo has surveyed his condition and has decided to push on, while keeping everything about him intact.  I wish sometimes we humans could persevere like he is.  It’s a philosophy we should all adapt to.

When in the face of the biggest obstacles, we remain intact by climbing the mountain, no matter what the cost.  We must always continue, no matter what happens – because the goal is what dogs are born to do.  Love.

My only regret is that Mojo cannot completely understand his journey, because that’s the only part he’s missing.

Day One

Mojo is home and is amazing.  Amazing!

I picked him up from the vet and the entire staff came over to me to compliment me on what a kind and loving dog he is!  They could not say enough good things about him.  He is doing amazingly well and although his spirit is a little down, he’s moving around like nothing and is already getting used to his situation.

Although it’s early – I couldn’t be more pleased with how things are turning out.  He has been prescribed pain medication and Keflex as the antibiotics.  His pain patch has been removed and he is on an oral medication.  So far, so good.  He’s sitting next to me as I type this sleeping away, which I’m sure is the best thing for him.  He has already made me so proud and I know he’ll be back to his old self in no time.

The plastic e-collar that he’s using will definitely have to go.   It’s causing him to run into furniture and makes it difficult for him to get around.  I think I’m going to go with the comfy cone. We’ll see how that goes.