Day Eleven

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Mojo’s stitches are out! He still has to keep his “cone of shame” on for a few more days.ย  We went for a walk around the lake today and although it tuckered him out, it was like he never lost his leg.

People who met him commented on how amazed they were that his surgery just happened 11 days ago and were surprised at how well he was doing. They couldn’t believe their eyes when I told them how much of a recovery he has made in such a short time.

He’s sleeping much better and is able to rest on his “bad” side. The bruising from the surgery has completely vanished. He’s able to climb up into bed and up the stairs with no problems whatsoever. He has a little difficulty getting into the Jeep but the Ruff Wear Web Master Harness makes it much easier to get him in and out.

We need to finish the antibiotics but the vet couldn’t be more happier with his progress.

Good boy, Mojo…good boy!

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Author: ubermojo

Mojo is a 14 year-old Brittany Spaniel / Retriever mix rescued from an animal shelter. A car accident took away his right hind leg.

10 thoughts on “Day Eleven”

  1. mojo, way to go!!! keep getting better, that cone will be gone in no time…remember to use the cone and a sad eyed look to get extra treats while you still can… gayle

  2. Mojo, you rock! We’re so hoppy to hear that things are going great for you. Keep it slow and steady, and you’ll be 100 pawcent in no time.

    We’re so glad the Ruff Wear harness is working out for you. But how come you linked to Altrec? Um, did you know that we sell it at a pawesome price? And all proceeds keep the Tripawds Community online too! Hey it’s a win win! (a little shameless self-promo here to help keep the lights on ya know!)

    If your human cares to link to our Gear Blog page for the Ruff Wear Harness, here it is:

    Keep on keepin on Mojo, you’ll get that cone off real soon.

  3. Hi Mojo,

    So glad to hear that your stitches are finally out! YOu must feel so much better now, eh? The cone of shame really sucks, but it’s only temporary… and soon you’ll be free of it!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  4. Jerry! Sorry, I was in a hurry when I made the post and grabbed the first link. I updated the post for future linkage!


    Alex – Mojo’s old man

  5. Yay, Mojo! We’re so glad to hear you’re doing so well. Holly loves her walks, too – it was so important to her that we keep walking as she recovered. Even the shortest walk seemed to help keep her spirits up! And around the lake – that’s pawsome! We’ll start the countdown to no more cone of shame!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  6. Hi Mojo,

    I am glad to hear you are doing so well. I canโ€™t understand why humans are amazed by us. Dogs rule. My mom wants to see come to work soon.


  7. Great job, Mojo! I knew you would be up and around quickly. I know your pawrents must be so proud of you. My only advice to you is to really play up your injuries before you get all better. Make your pawrents spoil you silly ๐Ÿ™‚

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