How do we honor that great love?

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You lead with it. Love that is. In honor of Mojo I’ve decided to create a sanctuary for senior dogs for end of life care so that no dog crosses the rainbow bridge alone.

We are just getting started…but it’s a call to action. I hope to open a 25 bed shelter in upstate NY or Vermont to help any dog that may need loved before they’re called across the bridge.

In honor of my boy Mojo.

It’s a 10 year plan and we are just getting started. I wanted to tell you all the good news. Keep on loving on your pups. Know that we think about you and the good hearts you have all the time.

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Happy Birthday you Champion of Champions

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Mojo smilingMojo turns 14 at midnight. I wanted to take a moment to quantify how much love I got from this guy, besides the whole world, I just wanted to really put it down in numbers:

14 years = 5110 days
= 11450 meals
= 3956 walks
= 17262 poops
= 3,196,969 sniffs
= 568,900,111,235 tail wags
= 3 legs
= 1 champion

Happy Birthday Mojo!

An incredibly heavy heart

Mojo’s cancer has spread to his lungs. He’s almost 14 and we can’t entertain the thought that he’ll live forever. He will be spoiled and live an incredibly loving life the rest of his days. Please keep him in your prayers, he loves you so much. It was incredibly difficult to see the xray of his lungs. I don’t know what else to say, but that we’re going to give him so much love. Hug your pups, let them be resilient and be the amazing dogs that they can be.