Mojo’s Curiosity!

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Thought I would share this picture with everyone. A bird fell out if its nest and as I nurtured it back to health, Mojo just couldn’t resist his curiosity.

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Author: ubermojo

Mojo is a 14 year-old Brittany Spaniel / Retriever mix rescued from an animal shelter. A car accident took away his right hind leg.

9 thoughts on “Mojo’s Curiosity!”

  1. Oh wow. Gerry had exactly the opposite reaction to a baby robin that looked to be about the same age. It was a close call, but Gerry didn’t get him/her. Gerry needs to take a lesson from Mojo and be more of a lover of wildlife, rather than a hunter of it.

    Great pic!

  2. Wow! What an awesome picture! Mojo has way more self control than either of our dogs. Yay, Mojo!

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