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Mojo’s Curiosity!

Thought I would share this picture with everyone. A bird fell out if its nest and as I nurtured it back to health, Mojo just couldn’t resist his curiosity.

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  1.   Leslie on July 9th, 2010          

    Love this pic! Your boy is a handsome guy.


  2.   etgayle on July 9th, 2010          


    charon & gayle

  3.   admin on July 9th, 2010          

    So sweet. Wyatt would probably just eat it!

  4.   GerrysMom on July 9th, 2010          

    Oh wow. Gerry had exactly the opposite reaction to a baby robin that looked to be about the same age. It was a close call, but Gerry didn’t get him/her. Gerry needs to take a lesson from Mojo and be more of a lover of wildlife, rather than a hunter of it.

    Great pic!

  5.   Misty on July 9th, 2010          

    Love it! That is soooo adorable!

  6.   anyemery on July 9th, 2010          

    Wow! What an awesome picture! Mojo has way more self control than either of our dogs. Yay, Mojo!

  7.   butch on August 26th, 2010          

    Great photo! Mojo is a beautiful dog!

  8.   janeothejungle on August 27th, 2010          

    Aww. That is just an awesome moment. Way to go Mojo!!

    Luvs, Rosie

  9.   Ginger on October 14th, 2010          

    Impressive self control, Mojo! You look so adorable with that little baby bird.

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